Co-creating a life that is better than your best dreams

“What would do if you knew that fulfilling your every wish and dream were Capital “L” Life’s greatest desire?” … Susanne

 In this world we often run into people whose greatest wish seems to be to poke their stick into everybody else’s smoothly running wheel.  You know the ones … they’re the people smirking knowingly at the water cooler as they wait to divulge some nasty piece of gossip … or the ones who “accidentally” ruin someone else’s chance at a good thing ~because it didn’t come their way … or simply the ones who have something negative to say about every darn thing going.  And the question is: “What are we supposed to do about all of that?”

Well … with regards the question of what-to-do with all of the aforementioned spoke pokers … I think that one of our first actions needs to be reactivating one of our inner child’s natural abilities … Selective Hearing.  Ever notice how kids only hear what they want to hear?  We need more of that as adults … we need to relearn how to tune out the nasties … the dumpers … the whiners … and the clingers.  And that leads me to the second/simultaneous thing … remembering that the best way to stop all of the outside noise and bother is to hire the Celestial Moving Company to move our own inner grumpies on down the highway.  When there’s no-one left inside of us who wants to share woundologies with the world…. the number of walking wounded who show up at our door just naturally disappears.

I have discovered over the last few weeks that Life really does have my best interest at Heart.  Sometimes I’m still like a grumpy child  … stomping my little feet and wanting things … Now, Now, Now.  Fortunately Life holds the longer view … and as such … It gives me a hug … promises me good things to come … and sets me back on the path with awesome companions.  Between best friends to counsel and course correct me … loving family to reassure and support me … and Miss Perky and Crew to keep me smiling and dancing it is becoming easier and easier to remember that Life is always ready and willing to present me with things that are better than my best dreams.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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