Whose voice are you listening to?

“Even though the winds of change may come sweeping… still a dream’s worth keeping … don’t let it fade away.” … Crysta ~Fern Gully

Whilst it is true that there does seem to be lots of people out there who take great delight in stomping all over other people’s dreams … it is also true that they can’t do permanent damage to our dreams … unless we let them.  I know … I know … in the past those dream-squelchers were sometimes pretty darn persistent.  And … sometimes said people were horrible and nasty … but after all is said and done we are the ones who have the final authority over whose voice we listen to … theirs … or ours.

One of the good things about listening to our own voice is that even when it’s quiet, reserved and nervous about speaking up it still has our best interests at heart. And there’s more good news … no matter how many times or how hard the sad, wounded or angry people who dogged our heels in the past tried to wipe it out … they never could.  Our Heart’s voice persists because we persist.  Our Heart-song plays the songs of hope, courage and dreams … even when our noisy mind has given up … and that’s a darn good thing!

Our minds may listen to the world’s chatter and noise but our Hearts are permanently tuned to radio station L.I.F.E. and with Capital “L” Life as the eternal D.J. the tunes are always rockin’.  It’s been my experience that my mind may get lost in the “How’s” … bury itself in worry … or decide to do a few laps on the Mental-Gerbil-Wheel … but eventually … after Miss Perky has cranked the volume up to eardrum shattering levels … I have no option but to dance to the upbeat and uplifting songs that Life plays.

The winds of change have blown long and hard through my life and these days I find myself on a different shore.  I’m happy to report that radio station L.I.F.E. is still coming in loud and clear and is still delivering daily tips on happy living. In this new land the dreams that I am following are very different from the ones that my youth drove me to chase … but you know what?  I’m O.K. with that.   I know that Life remembers all of them … even when I don’t … and with It and Miss Perky to keep me on track and dancing … it is only a matter of time before they all come true.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

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