Getting back in touch with the basics

“To each is given; at birth, a Heart filled with the knowledge needed to walk the required path, love to sustain it in hard times and a connection to Life that is unbreakable.” … Susanne

There is a heck of lot going on here.  Hardly a day passes without someone … somewhere … causing some kind of major kerfuffle.  Some days it really makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking when I volunteered for this assignment.  Perhaps Miss Perky & I were so busy giggling that when Life asked if we were prepared for rain … we thought It said get on the train … and so we cheerfully sang out … “We can do that!” … and here we are.

The good news is that Life stuffed our collective backpacks full of all the goodies that we would need to make this a more enjoyable trip … maps … emergency ice-cream rations …  a cell phone with a Hot-line to Home … and buckets of love … in case we should run out.  The bad news being … our backpacks got caught in the door of the train and ripped … our Map-book flew off into the ethers … our GPS tracker ran out of batteries halfway from there to here … and we ended up in an area without cell phone coverage.  Bummer!

Capital “L” Life has spent the last few decades waiting patiently for us to drive into (and out of) working cellular areas … passing on helpful tips (made somewhat cryptic by the static on the line) … and doing It’s best to remind us of the love and connection that It hardwired into our Hearts.  It turns out that we didn’t really lose our GPS tracker … we just forgot what the signal looked like … and in all of the ensuing confusion we thought that someone else had the bead on the way Home … instead of us.  Go figure!??!

So … now that we’ve cleared out the misconceptions we’re back on track.  Ms Sunshine has designed a new pair of snazzy eyewear with flashing turn signals to help us course correct and special ear-buds so that we can stay tuned into radio station L.I.F.E.’s most excellent broadcasts.  Our Hearts are open and singing … Miss Perky is giggling … and me … well … I have my eyes fixed on a beautiful tomorrow … my ears glued to the Joyful news and Celestial Weather Reports of aforementioned station … and my Heart connected to and dancing with the best friend and supporter … ever!

 Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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