Have you found the real treasure yet?

“You are searching the world for treasures but the real treasure is yourself.” Rumi

 Like a lot of people I spent the majority of my life thinking that if only I could be smarter … prettier … faster … different … or insert appropriate word here … that I would all-of-a-sudden be “O.K.”  That by virtue of having one or more of these outside characteristics I would somehow be transformed into a more acceptable-to-others person.

After all of these years … and all of the water that has flowed under my bridge … I am finally ready to admit that I’m already acceptable and that I’m actually O.K. just the way I am.  As the Celestial Clean-up Crew and I  cleaned up my inner landscape … created a few parks – complete with benches, flowers and swings … and swept out the old fears, angst and anger … I  discovered a whole other me waiting patiently for me to find her.  Contrary to what I had imagined in my early years … this Capital “M” Me wasn’t some overwhelmingly perfect Being … it was simply me-without-the-baggage-and-mess.

Rumi certainly does seem to have the right of it.  We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves to find something beautiful … to find that “Perfect Treasure” … that we miss the fact that it’s hiding right inside of our very-own Hearts.  Miss Perky is really happy about my reconnection to Me … something to do with having big ice-cream parties … wearing cute dresses and patent leather shoes together … and always having a best friend to laugh and giggle with.  Life is like a proud parent … and me … well I’m thrilled … because I have discovered that I have the greatest treasure in the world … and it’s Me.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying everyone


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1 Response to Have you found the real treasure yet?

  1. Pennworthy says:

    My real treasure came when I remembered Jesus drove out the hypocrates with a whip. I was chronically addicted to alcohol. I looked up and said, “If you are there, here’s my life, do what you want with it. Since then I just read his book and say, “help me do it”, and walk alone with him.

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