Season’s Greetings Everybody

“May your home be filled with laughter, love and yummy times … during the holiday season … and every day of the year.” … Susanne

ice covered branches

Wow … it’s truly beautiful outside today.  The trees are coated with a thick layer of ice that reflects the sunlight into a million sparkling beams.  And … despite the loss of branches, whole trees and power to hundreds of thousands of people up here …it is still a beautiful sight.

Cardinal on ice covered branch


My kitties are all LOVING the view from our new back door as the squirrels scamper across the ice and the birds complain from the trees right behind our house … 🙂



Lastly The Girls, Life and I want to wish all of my awesome and amazing Followers and Friends a most wonderful Holiday Season.  With … or without power … we wish for all of you beautiful days …. fun times … and so many BIG smiles that your cheeks ache from so much smiling and happiness.

Godspeed and Happy Holidays Everybody








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