What dreams do you want to create this year?

“Be the Open Door. Invite your Spirit to co-create with Life and prepare to be amazed.”Susanne

 It’s that time of the year again when we all sit down and dream our dreams for a shiny new year.  I have taught Goal Setting to other people.  I’ve spent time and energy on the process myself and I know that it works … but over the last few years life … and Life … have taught me that as good as I was at achieving said goals … it could be so much better with a few modifications.

“Like what?” you ask.   Well … let’s see … My mind can conceive of a lot of great things.  It imagines wonderful ideas and then points me in the right direction to start manifesting aforementioned greatness.  But I … as well as everyone else who is here on good-old Planet Earth … have something even more powerful than our minds.  It’s our Hearts.

The mind imagines and the Heart feels.  The mind plans and the Heart knows.  The mind thinks and the Heart connects.  We need both to be active if we’re to create the life and dreams that we want.  We need to yoke our ability to imagine, to think and to plan to our Heart’s ability to feel and connect.

Our Hearts are the doorway that connect us to our awesome Spirits.  No mind alone can create what our Spirit and Life can co-create together.  Our mind may dream awesome dreams but it is our Hearts that swing wide open so that said dreams can be shared with both our Spirits and with Life.  So … What is the most powerful way to create a future filled with dreams-come-true?  Be the Open Door.  Encourage your mind to dream.  Allow your Heart to feel.  Invite your Spirit to come and play … and then … dance the dance of life … with Life … and co-create your dream-filled tomorrow … today.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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