What are your beliefs creating?

“Nothing is created in the world that is not first thought of and believed to be true in our Spirits.” Susanne

 My ex used to say; “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  The scientific community states that if we can’t see it, taste it, hear it or feel it that it isn’t “real”.   But it’s been my experience that if I wait for physical evidence to show up I stand a good chance of waiting a very long time.  So …  I’ve learned that if I truly want to manifest a specific outcome that whilst I am working my little tail off here on good old Mother Earth … I darn well better be willing to believe and imagine that aforementioned outcome will occur.

Now before you go thinking that I must be a little (or a whole lot) left of center … research shows that the most successful athletes in the world not only train really hard but they also visualize their victories just as hard.  You may be surprised to learn that successful CEO’s and businessmen also combine working hard in the world with strong visualization … they just call it something different … they call it Goal Setting.

When push comes to shove it doesn’t really matter what you call this powerful tool.  You could call it visualization.  You could be very business-like and call it Goal Setting or you could simply call it a deeply connected knowing and faith.  In the long run the only thing that matters is that you come to understand what other successful and happy people have discovered … namely … that nothing lasting/uplifting/successful or happy-making occurs in this world without an inner “I’ll see it when I believe it” attitude … in combination with the appropriate worldly work (whatever that may look like to you).

In case you’re wondering where this approach to life has brought me … it took me through a long battle with Cancer when no-one was sure if I’d make it.  It brought me to the far shore of a long and challenging fight with a nasty, modern Super-bug and … as if those weren’t enough to make me smile … recently this nifty way of co-creating with both my Spirit and Life brought me to my wonderful new-to-me home.  Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I love our new landing space as it is everything that we had imagined and more.  We believed … and now we see.  Life just doesn’t get any better!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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