Walking down Faith Road

“What need have you for faith when you are holding the proof in your hands? Faith is believing even when you don’t have any worldly evidence.”Susanne

 A lot of people talk about having faith.  A lot of people spend time lecturing other people about having faith.  And a small percentage of all of them actually do have it.  “How can you tell the difference?” you ask.  That’s a good question!  How do we know when we are walking The Faith Walk and when we’re simply putting on a brave face??

For me … one of the first clues that I might not be quite as firm in that journey as I’d like is when I keep asking Life the same questions over and over and over.  “Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”  Thank goodness It has seemingly endless patience for my requests for “just one little sign” … never seems to get annoyed … and simply encourages me to carry on with life as I wait for … well … whatever it is I’m desiring.  “Trust.”  It often says.  “Soon!” It tells me. … SIGH … Are we there yet?

The big Number 2 for me is: “Am I walking my talk?”  Are the things that I’m doing and the ways that I’m treating others … and myself ... congruent with my Faith … both in Capital “L” Life and me.  I had the biggest lesson in this “Walking my Talk” thing when my son was killed.  All of a sudden I had to ask myself: “Can I still believe; even in these harsh circumstances?  Can I still believe when it’s my son who has died?”  Happily … for me … the answer was: “Yes.”

I feel pretty blessed.  These days Life and I have pretty much an ongoing dialogue … it makes having faith in Its promises easier to do.  Life has also been sending me some pretty nifty, new friends who are also chatting with It!  It’s always nice to have company on the journey … and Perky Polly loves making new friends!  Together we are all learning to remember that Capital “L” Life really doesn’t lie … that in our Spirits we are way more amazing than we ever knew … and that our greatest successes come from our greatest Faitheven when the world doesn’t agree.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

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