Make Gratitude a part of every day.

“Gratitude is the gift that just keeps on giving.”… Susanne

 I’d like to see more gratitude in the world.  I’d like to hear “Thank You” … or … “I really appreciate that” … or simply a little “Thanks” … and I’d like it to become a way of life.  Perhaps on the Heads-up Signs that flash warnings to drivers on the highway we could start seeing Mom-type reminders … “Remember to say Thank You after the next exit”“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” … or the ever popular … “If you keep making that grumpy face it’s going to stick there.” … Thanks Mom!!

I’d love to see more parents teaching their children that “Thank You” is the appropriate and automatic response when someone does something nice for them … anything nice … even little things.  But then … many adults would have to go back to the School of Life and re-learn that lesson as well … wouldn’t they!??! I’ve been listening … for quite a few years … in astonishment … as some pretty well-educated people began to share their views that “If children want to say thank you they will.” and “It’s only a matter of time before they pick the habit of saying Thank You up.”  Really???

It seems to me that in this world of so many people feeling that they are “entitled” that a little bit of gratitude is always greatly appreciated.  Miss Perky and I can regularly be found thanking Wal-Mart cashiers, waitresses and pretty much all service industry people … because if I was working hard for minimum wage I would certainly appreciate a Thank You!  We feel that gratitude is like smiles … it’s really easy to give away … and the benefits for both the giver and the receiver are enormous. So … we’re going to continue our happy and grateful journey through this world … spreading smiles … and Thank-You’s wherever we go.  Feel free to jump on the Gratitude Wagon with us and let’s roll into a sunny and happy tomorrow together.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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