Choosing to change

“Our todays are defined by the choices that we made yesterday.  If you don’t like what your world is like ~it’s time to make different choices.” … Susanne

There are a great many people walking around the world trying to figure out who the heck is responsible for their unhappiness.  Political figures are convinced that “the opposition” are the source of all of their problems.  Religious organizations would like their followers to believe that it is people-who-believe-differently who are the problem.  And bosses would like to believe that their underlings are the ones at fault.  It would seem that there are a great many followers of the One-Finger-Three-Finger Rule.

Like most people it hasn’t always been easy for me to look at my own life and admit that I was living the results of my previous choices … but as they say … hindsight is 20-20.  Whilst I may not always like what I see when Ms. Sunshine loans me a pair of her Super-duper, High-Res binoculars … one thing that I do know is that they will always show me the Truth.  There’s an old adage that says: “The Truth will set you free.”   Yes, yes it will … and I would add … “but first it may kick the #@*# out of you.”

I figure if the only way to improve today … and to have a brighter tomorrow … is to take a good hard look at the behaviors, actions and choices that led me here … then look I shall.  These days the girls and I are willing to look at anything … change everything … and embrace life full-out.  Our world looks pretty darn good … and when little blips arise … we are staring them in the eye and tracing them back to their roots.  We understand now that … realistically … ALL fingers point back to us … because it’s always our choice how we act … or react to other people … and … if we don’t like what our world is like ~it’s time to make different choices.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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