Change is coming – are you welcoming it or resisting it?

“Each new day and every new breath is a chance for a new beginning.”Susanne

I’ve been watching the news headlines.  I don’t watch the news itself … it’s just too depressing and filled with negativity … but I do keep an eye on the headlines that BBC dumps into my Smartphone each day.  Watching only the headlines allows me to bypass the soap-opera-like repetition of non-news and simply keep abreast of any big changes that may be taking place.

I must confess that I am fascinated by what I see happening in the world.  Things are changing … despite the protestations of the Old Guard … despite the desperate kicking and screaming of the Controllers and despite the best efforts of those who want to hold onto the same-old-same-old with their last dying breath … things are changing.

Perhaps we have reached some mystical “100 Monkey’s” number of people who want change and are willing to do whatever it takes to usher aforementioned change into the world.  Or, perhaps thanks to the internet … the interconnectedness of all of us is becoming overwhelmingly apparent … and the social injustices simply too outrageous to ignore anymore.  Whatever the reason and however long or short a time the change in each country, state or institution takes I find it heartening to know that as a race of beings a whole big bunch of us are finally “getting it.”

I’m really lucky. My travel companions … Miss Perky and Ms. Sunshine … are pretty much live-in-the-moment kinds of girls and Capital “L” Life … well … It both sees a long way and simultaneously appreciates every breath.  I’m doing my best to model myself after all of them … and … so far, so good.  I am loving the beauty that I am seeing in each moment … and how new beginnings no longer have to whack me over the head to get my attention.  If you should see the girls, Capital “L” Life and I dancing our “We love Now” dance feel free to come on over and join us … because after all … every new moment/dance is a chance for a bright, new beginning.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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  1. Gede Prama says:

    visit your blog, read an interesting article. thank you friends for sharing and greetings compassion 🙂

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