Gratitude changes “good” to “great”

“Anyone can have a good life but a great life occurs when it is filled to the brim with gratitude.” … Susanne 

Unless you are living in a war-torn country … are surviving drought, famine and starvation … or are homeless and desperate on the street it is very likely that you will have a good life.  Even if you are not the most prosperous, beautiful or talented person in the world … the chances are still pretty decent that you will have a good life.  The question then becomes … “Is a good life good enough?”

When you walk around with your own personal Perky Polly or Patrick … hovering just under the surface … the answer quickly becomes apparent … and it’s a resounding “No.”  I know, I know … there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a good life … with having a life that is just like the neighbours … or just like the guys at the bar … or just simply good.  The challenge comes when we start listening … truly listening … to our Hearts.

Our Hearts are the messengers of our Spirits.  Our Hearts deliver our dreams in both big and little packages.  And, our Hearts are always ready … at a moment’s notice … to guide us into the joy filled lives that reflect Who-We-Truly-Are.  That’s where gratitude comes into the picture.  Gratitude is the translator between the world around us to the world of Life.

I often think that one of the reasons that Miss Perky is so … well … perky … is that she is always fully aware of and truly grateful for the awesomeness of both life and Capital “L” Life.  She never lets a chance go by to say “Thanks for the (insert item, person or situation here)”.  Consequently Life is constantly plopping even more gratitude-inducing stuff onto our path.  The end result of which is that our life runs at a constant level of good – great with frequent spikes into the absolutely outstanding range.  If you’d like to change your life from good to great try turning up the volume on your own inner “Perky” … remember to say “Thank You” for both the big and the small things … and get ready to dance.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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