What is your attitude bringing you?

 “Holding onto a bad attitude is like driving down a road to nowhere and complaining about the destination.”... Susanne 

I know a lot of people who … for one reason or another … are extremely attached to their stories about How-Things-Are.  When I read the headlines describing a world seemingly gone mad … I see many more people who are seemingly also married to their stories.  And sadly … out of those stories come attitudes … attitudes of entitlement … attitudes of righteousness … and some just generally bad attitudes.

Having recently returned from an extended vacation in Medical Crisis Land I can tell you with great certainty that the only thing that a “bad” attitude gets anybody is more of the same.  During my journey I watched a lot of people fighting for their lives … and a lot of people doing their best to save aforementioned lives.  Throughout all of that fighting and all of that saving the thing that stood out … above the miserableness of the situation … was their collective hope for a better tomorrow.  They may have been driving down a road to an unknown destination but at least they were doing their best to enjoy the scenery along the way.

I understand … probably better than a lot of people … that sometimes it’s just darn hard to even find our inner Perky … never mind let them run the show.  But it is definitely worth the search.  The girls keep me conscious that if I want to live a happy life … then I have to find ways to gently boot Grumpy Gus and Miserable Martha out of the door. Life reminds me that I have choices about how I’m going to act … or react … and experience teaches me that it is my attitude towards life that will determine what ends up on my doorstep.  It would seem that my empty, spare room has found its new tenants … Happiness and it’s best friend Gratitude have moved in to stay … and that’s a good thing!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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