Where are you putting your focus?

“You wouldn’t drive your car down the road by looking in the rear-view mirror.  Why do you drive your life that way?”… Susanne

So … what happened in the headlines this week?  (This my nod to “looking back” …  😉 … which works best for me when I’m brief and get the general gist of things rather than get mired down in the details.)  With that in mind here’s my summary:  There’s been a lot of posturing and foot stamping …  a ton of clinging-to-the-same-old-same-old … and the usual variety of denial of past control and/or abuse issues. Mother Nature continues to exhibit her less than happy side in the form of erupting volcanoes, deep freezes, droughts and whacking big and wet storm fronts.  And … the financial markets are pretty much falling-down cranky.  On the up side … yes there actually is an upside … beautiful children continue to grace us with their presence … parents are learning to be more loving & interactive … people are generally remembering how to live more compassionate lives … and a great many of us are now walking our own unique paths through the world.

Like everybody else I live in the world …  and stuff happens.  But I have noticed that if I immerse myself in the Stuff-of-the-World then I tend to get kind of lost there.  If I get lost in other people’s stuff then I don’t have any energy … or clarity … to heal up my own triggers, fears and resistances.  And then … I’m not much good for anybody … or anything.  A really close, late friend once told me: “If you’re stuck at the bottom of a well and I climb down there to console you then we’re both stuck.  It’s better if I provide help from the top so we can both end up in the sunshine.”  She understood that spending all of her time peering into either her own  … or someone else’s “well”  … was the equivalent of driving forward whilst looking backwards … and that just wasn’t for her.  What a wise Wendy she was.

Life has taught me that Being-stuck-in-Misery … (aka Being-stuck-in-the-well) … is actually a two-sided coin … and on the flip side is Focusing on/Anticipating-the-Good-Stuff.  Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I like that side!  We have the flipping of said coin … so that it lands happy side up 99% of the time … almost down to a fine art.  We’re getting to be so predictable that the Celestial Gaming Commission has been checking us out to make sure that we don’t have a loaded coin.  Life laughed and laughed … because It knows that … of course we doIt knows … and we have learned … that as long as we are looking forward with anticipation … holding the intention of a bright tomorrow in our Hearts and focusing on the good-stuff arriving we can’t lose.  Looks like the good times are about to roll.  🙂

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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