Dancing to the Music of Life

“We rarely hear the inner music but we are all dancing to it nevertheless.”… Rumi

The world marches to the beat of a thousand different drums.  Its people’s ears are filled with the noise of a myriad of societies in chaos and the song of its Heart is lost beneath the discordant cacophony of beings who no longer hear the music of Life.  What should we to do about this?  What can we do about this?

For as long as philosophers have pondered and for as long as poets have mused people have been searching for ways to not only retain their awareness of their connection to Life but also to re-tune their inner ears to hear It.  It’s an interesting fact of life … and of Life … that Its voice is a quiet one … a non-intrusive one … and a supportive one.  Capital “L” Life plays the music that we all hear … but It never imposes the dance steps … It simply allows all of us to work them out for ourselves on the big dance floor of the life.

It seems to me that Life must have recently changed either the tempo … the genre … or maybe the volume of Its tunes. “Why do I say this?” you ask.  Well … as all of us actually do hear the inner music even when we have consciously forgotten it … there seems to be quite a foo-for-ah in the world of the controllers and wanna-be’s going on.   If the news headlines are to be believed they are jumping up and down and their little feet are just stomping trying to drown out the uplifting new songs.

The good news is that no matter how loud they shout … no matter how often they repeat their same-old, same-old patter and no matter how many temper tantrums they take the rest of us have already started to ignore their noise and dance a new dance.  The new tunes are making people everywhere stand up and say things like: “No more!” and “We demand fair treatment.” and simply; “No”.  And … the new, inner music is lifting us up and inspiring us to do and be more.  Rumi is right.  In the past we seldom heard the inner music … but now it is becoming a song that we can’t ignore and we are happily dancing to its captivating beat.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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