Shine your Heart-Light

“Shine your Heart Light, turn up the volume of your Heart’s Song and dance.” … Susanne

There are a lot of different ways that we can walk … sashay … or run through life. There are an innumerable number of ways that we can think … feel … and act.  And … there are an endless variety of ways that we can Be the unique and awesome Spirits whom we are.  That would probably be because Capital “L” life didn’t use a jumbo, universe-sized cookie cutter to stamp us all out on a massive production line … instead It indulged Its love of wondrous variety and decided that no two of us should be exactly the same … and that’s a good thing!

What’s not such a good thing is the idea that some people have got into their heads that we’re all supposed to walk the same … talk the same and think the same … and that, that “sameness” can only look one way …that being of course … their way.  Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t noticed that my square little peg fits into too many other people’s round holes.  For a long time I tried really hard to be what everyone else told me that I “Should” be … but that really never worked very well for me.  It took quite a few years and lots of experiences before I finally figured out that no-one knows who I need to be or what path I need to walk better than my own Heart does … and that also was a good thing!

Miss Perky and I have decided to joyfully embrace our differences.  As it seems that Life designed us to be out-of-the-box-dancers… I figure that we might as well celebrate the wide open spaces.  As It seems to have equipped us with a quasi-invisible neon sign that says: “Talk to us.  We’ll listen.” … well … we might as well be the best darn listeners that we can be.  And if … as a part of Its gifts … the girls and I came with the deluxe Shine-Your-Light-Everywhere detailing package then we are going to let our Heart Light shine, shine, shine!  No-one is here to be cookie-cutter copies of anybody else because … as previously mentioned … Capital “L” Life loves variety.  So … if you see the girls and I out dancing, laughing and just generally carrying on happy feel free to join us … adopt an Attitude of Gratitude … turn up your Heart Song … and boogie.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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  1. lionfou says: This is Cat Stevens agreeing with you. This song is used in the trailer for the classic “Harold and Maude”.

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