Happiness is a gift you give yourself

“Happiness isn’t something that someone else gives you … you have to be willing to heal your wounded heart and give it to yourself.” … Susanne

Everybody is running around looking everywhere for happiness like it’s the grand prize in a massive, worldwide scavenger hunt. I think that people must all be pretty desperate to find this Happiness-thing because they’re throwing their money at beauty products that promise to deliver it … starting wars over whose philosophy should be the one to personify it … and criticizing everyone else for not being able to produce it. When did we decide to allow our happiness to be at the mercy of every Tom, Dick and Harry with a bright idea?

Maybe a better question would be: “When did we forget that if it ain’t inside of us … ain’t nobody going to be able to deliver it to us”? It has been my observation that no matter how exciting it is when I get something new if I’m not happy inside of me the momentary high isn’t going to last. No amount of really neat “stuff” is going to be enough stuff if the circumstances of my life are such that I am crying on the inside. So … what did I end up doing about this revelation?  Well … I put on my Emotional Hip-waders … made my Internal To-Do list … called in the Celestial Cleanup Crew … and set about clearing out a lifetime of accumulated old baggage and junk.

Now I’m not going to tell you that this massive, environmental clean-up was a fast and easy project. It wasn’t … but boy-oh-boy was it ever worth it! The Cleanup Crew and I went through cartons of Kleenex … tons of garbage bags … oodles of donations to the Universal Recycling Depot … and more Band-Aids than you could possibly imagine. The good news is that my wounded heart came out the other side feeling better than it ever has … my internal landscape no longer looks like a war zone … and Miss Perky Polly and I have become the best friends ever. These days happiness has no problem finding me … it has taken up permanent residence within my heart … and that’s a great thing!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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