Riding the Gratitude train to happy times

“Gratitude is the icing on the cupcakes of life ~without it they’re just plain, dry muffins.” … Susanne

It seems to me that a great many things in life could be made a lot less complicated and burdensome if the adults of the world simply remembered their manners. I don’t know about you … but when I was growing up saying “Thank You” was NOT an option. What happened between “there” and here … between loving childhood and defensive adulthood? What happened to make so many people forget that a simple “Thanks” was not only the appropriate response to an act of kindness … but also the instigator of more of the aforementioned niceness?

My mom probably would have phrased it as: “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Good old mom … a saying for practically every occasion … and she was right. It doesn’t matter if it’s my kids being appreciative for something that I’ve done for them … me sharing how awesome I think that my friends and family are being … or a complete stranger who goes out of their way to hold open a door for me … we all love to hear a little gratitude. And realistically … it’s not really that hard is it!??!

I figure that expressing gratitude is like anything else in the world … sometimes it just takes a little practice to get back into the swing of things. If expressing your genuine appreciation to someone else has become a foreign concept in your world or if it seems like you’re so low that there’s almost nothing to be happy about start simple. How about something like: “I’m grateful that I’m still breathing because as long as I’m breathing there’s still a chance that things will improve.” … or… “Thanks for the sunshine.” … or rain if that’s what floats your boat.

Miss Perky and I are always chewing Life’s ear off about how happy we are with everything. It is so good to us that we figure It deserves to hear that we are paying attention and actually noticing Its input into our life. And the great thing is that the more we feel and express our gratitude the more things there are for which to be grateful. It really does become a self-sustaining, perpetual-motion notion. Life gives. We say: “Thanks”. It gives more. We do the happy dance. Even more great stuff arrives … and … well you get the picture. So … come and jump on board the Gratitude train with us.  It’s a free ride to happy times … and the scenery along the way is awesome.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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