Be yourself – Ignore the noise

“Never listen to anyone whose words are designed to make you doubt yourself.”Susanne

 There are so many ways that the world works to control us. There are the overt … you-really-couldn’t-miss-them-if-you-tried control behaviors and there are a variety of covert … let-me-whisper-lies-in-your-ear behaviors. You only have to watch the news ... especially news that has interviews with politicians who are proclaiming their opinions … as if said opinions are proclamations from on high … to witness some really nice demonstrations.

It is truly unfortunate that behaviors that … on a one-to-one basis … might be manageable or correctable is … on the whole … totally out-of-control in a majority of our world’s authority figures. Whilst it is true that these controlling behaviors almost always boomerang back and end up smacking the deliverer upside the head unfortunately this sometimes a) takes a lot longer than we’d like, b) stomps a lot of really nice people with different views into the ground and c) makes everyone else tiptoe around on eggshells lest they detonate one of the over-the-top diatribes at which the overt controllers … (and the covert ones too) … are so-o-o good. So … what should we do about these unwelcome intrusions into our lives?

The girls and Life and I have had a lot of discussions about this. Miss Perky wanted to shout the controllers into silence. Upon hearing that, that probably wouldn’t work she decided that we should ice cream them all into a sugar high … thus presumably lulling them into a happy state-of-mind. Ms. Sunshine thought a change in perspective was called for … and we certainly couldn’t disagree with that. However; we felt that the suggested eyewear with big, flashing lights and loud sirens … that would go off every time a control statement was issued … would probably be annoying for all involved. The jury is still out on a final answer as Life says It wants more input so It can be fair … but in the meantime … It suggests a combination of Celestial Ear buds to muffle the droning of not-nice statements and opinions … turning up the volume on our Heart-Song – thereby once again drowning out the world-noise … and … doing our best to Remember that It really likes the unique sparks whom we are … even if some other people’s children don’t.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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