Who needs to change?

“It’s not the person whom you are thinking needs to change who needs to change ~it’s you.”… Susanne

I have been watching an interesting phenomenon evolve in the world-of-today. It seems as though almost everybody has developed the habit of finger-pointing. From the news that has crossed my desk it would appear that no-one owns a mirror anymore and that taking-responsibility-for-one’s-own-life-circumstances is a thing of the past. Religious organizations are doing it. Political leaders are masters at it. Managers are resorting to it and the water-cooler gang has leapt onto the bandwagon of the aforementioned annoying and pointless trait.

Many years ago I read a book by Shakti Gawain and in it she proposed the concept of People Mirrors. It discusses the idea that everybody reflects back to us either a) something that is inside of us right now, b) how we used to act or c) the logical outcome of not changing our current behavior. Once I started looking at the people and situations that were in my life from this perspective it became a whole lot easier to make changes in my life. I wasn’t always happy to understand that those yucky behaviors actually also belonged to me … but at least I got clear about who was responsible for changing themselves!

No-one wants to admit to being less-than-wonderful but what I have discovered is that as long as I am pointing one finger outwards in judgment … and ignoring the three fingers that automatically point back at menothing is going change. I think that it’s way past time for all of us to be taking some personal responsibility and admitting that … even though we wish it would be different … other people are not going to change just because we don’t like what they’re showing us. So … as her contribution towards assisting everybody with their Self-Reflection/Improvement efforts Ms. Sunshine has started up a second business selling Celestial Pocket Mirrors. To purchase your own personal “What-the-heck-is-going-on” mirror call 1-800-wantanswers ~Life is manning the phone lines 24-7-365.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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