Sometimes bad things happen to good people

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people so that the rest of us can learn to a) appreciate life & b) stand up & be counted.” … Susanne

These last couple of weeks I have been left shaking my head at the challenging events … the awesome people …and … the really low natured people … highlighted in the headlines. I’m always impressed when the news people actually report the good stuff and even though they seem more joined-at-the-hip to sensationalism it’s reassuring to hear the good mixed in with the horrible.

I get that sometimes really challenging/”bad” things happen to good people. I’ve had my fair share of those. I’ve had my share of deaths of loved ones … both young and old (which made the Korean ferry tragedy particularly challenging) … numerous trips through Medical Crisis Land (brought into sharp focus by the last Facebook post of 19 year-old Stephen Sutton who raised millions of pounds by completing 35 things on his 46 item “Bucket List” whilst simultaneously fighting terminal cancer) … and I’ve healed through the long-buried issues that came from a particularly despicable predator who taught French in my junior high school (returned to the spotlight by the kidnapping of 200 young girls by Boko Haram men who function under a series of delusions about women and female children.)

Why? Why? Why? The girls and I have been asking non-stop … as we spent our days and nights at the picnic table in Capital “L” Life’s Celestial backyard. Miss Perky lost her perk. Ms. Sunshine was turning into a grey cloud and me … well… I just needed to understand. So … here’s what we got: a) Life is beautiful and precious … with or without a-holes in it. b) one day everyone will go Home. At that time the aforementioned nasty people will discover the error of their ways. c) It’s not our job to judge people. It is our job to continue to look for reasons to be Joyful and Perky … to speak the Truth when we know it in our Hearts … and to share these qualities and said Truth with all and sundry … and finally d) Capital “L” Life has a plan for the arrival of Happiness & Understanding for all of us and as Hannibal of “The A Team” said: “I love it when (Its) plan comes together.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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