Who knows what’s best for you?

“Never let someone else’s opinion of what you can do stop you from actually doing it.” …Susanne

There are a lot of opinionated people in the world. There’s even more people who are pretty-darn-sure that they know exactly how all of the rest of us should be behaving, thinking and feeling. And …. there are heaping piles of people who seem to truly believe that it is their sole and ordained purpose-in-life to force said opinions and beliefs on all of the rest of us. That’s a lot of pressure. So what is a person to do?

As I wondered through my own challenging times … with sometimes equally challenging people … I learned something. I learned that no matter how much the external stuff tried to control me … my internal space was 100% mine … to do with as I chose. We can’t always control the world that we live in. We sure as heck couldn’t control the world that we were born into … but Nowthis Now… we can exercise our right to choose our own thoughts … and we can exercise our right to choose our own feelings.

In the last decade Miss Perky and I have made the delightful discovery that the only thing that was holding us back from doing and being … whatever we wanted to do and be … was us. Thankfully Capital “L” Life was willing to commit a full-time Celestial Clean-up Crew to assist us in turning our war-torn inner landscape into a really nice-looking park … complete with relaxing benches … nicer vistas … and just for Miss Perky … ice cream carts.  A lot of people had opinions about what we could or couldn’t do. A whole lot more thought that they knew what was best for us … and all of that pressure was pretty hard to ignore. Fortunately Life believed in us … took the time to support us … and now … is smiling happily … as we relearn how to shine.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

Motivational Speaker, Author, Tweeter & Blogger (lovin' it!!) ... Owner & Leader of The Compassionate Advantage (http://www.compassionate-advantage.com)
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