What seeds are your thoughts sowing?

“Every thought is a seed for something. What seeds are you sowing?” Kristine Carlson

Henry Ford had a Grade 3 education but he didn’t let that stop him. He had ideas … he had belief in himself … and he had vision. He said: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t … you’re right either way.”  Wow …  he was certainly ahead of his time …and he didn’t even read “The Secret” to know that!

So many of us fall prey to the belief that someone else … sometimes everyone else knows better than or more than we do. We imagine that they’re faster … smarter … better looking … more attractive … more … well everything. What we fail to realize is that Capital “L” Life made each of us to be totally unique beings. One has only to look around the world to understand that It loves diverse variety … and so it is with us. Just imagine how boring it would be … for both us and Life … if we all walked the same … talked the same … thought the same … and felt the same. I can hear Miss Perky’s “BLECH-H-H-H” from down the street.

It took me a long time to figure out that … whilst there were a few things about myself that we would all be happy if I changed … basically I was a pretty good person. It’s true that I walk … talk … and live “outside of the box” but you know what I have come to realize? Capital “L” Life seems to really like me this way.  So … I figure if I’m good enough for It … well then I’m going to allow myself to be good enough for me. The girls & I have decided to stop trying to fit our square pegs into everybody else’s round holes and that is making us very happy campers … and … it’s making Capital “L” Life smile a big Celestial smile.  Life … and life … is good.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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