When the winds of change blow – be a sailboat.

“When the winds of change blow be a sailboat and let your Spirit be the sail that effortlessly moves you.”… Susanne

There aren’t a lot of constants in life … apart from death and taxes. Having said that I have noticed that the one thing that always seems to be present … no matter what time of year it is and no matter what the location … is change. When we’re born we’re itty-bitty, little balls of cuteness … and we all know how quickly that changes … well at least the itty-bitty part! If you talk to someone in their twenties they’re going to conquer the world … by the time they’re 60-something some of them have … some of them haven’t … and some of them are still working on it.

Here on good-old Planet Earth … “Change happens.” My ex hated change … adapted reluctantly … grumbled the whole way … and then finally settled into the new way of doing/being just fine. I notice that a lot of people are like that … lots of grumbling and complaining about the seemingly capricious nature of life … as if this were something new and surprising … followed by a not-very-graceful transition into the new state.

As I watch these people I usually just shake my head and ask Life: “Wouldn’t it all be so much easier if they fought less and flowed more?” Capital “L” Life patiently explains to Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine and I that not everybody actually wants to have a smooth journey. It says that for some people the ups and downs … and the lumples and bumples of life … are like a really scary ride at Canada’s Wonderland … the people who love them just want to ride them again and again. Not being big ride people I’m sure that the look on our faces is politely skeptical … but after all it is Life … so we do our best to smile and nod.

Fortunately for us we have discovered a love of sailing. With our awesome Spirit as our sail and Capital “L” Life as the wind that blows we are always guaranteed an interesting trip. To be sure not every vacation destination is one that we’ll visit again … Life’s sense of adventure being somewhat different than ours … but we know that no matter how stormy the trip may be … no matter how drenched our pretty, yellow raincoats may get or how twisted our previously cool umbrellas may end up … calmer harbors await us and exciting winds of change are sure to be blowing.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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