Successful creation begins inside first

“Every day heaven opens Its doors to us in countless ways ~but we have to be willing to walk through them.” … Susanne

It’s easy to find things to be discouraged about. It’s easy to find things to negative about. After all the news networks and papers specialize in bringing that stuff to our attention … some them even do it 24 hours a day. They call it news but is it really? If we hear the same story over and over … without any change … isn’t that more like indoctrination? Perhaps it’s time for us to reintroduce some good old-fashioned common sense and a stronger inner … rather than outer … connection.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of a friend on the weekend in which he was sharing his 3-D way of looking at creating and manifesting in the world. Like a lot of people he believes that you have to be firmly rooted in the-way-things-are-in-the-worldNow … first. Whilst that sounds logical on the surface … my response to his suggestion was the same as it always is: “No. You have to be really clear about where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel … first … THEN you can ascertain your starting point.”  This approach is working really well for me.  I must confess that I’ve had a huge number of instances where Capital “L” Life produced the exact thing that I was hoping for … many of them with the odds stacked against them in The Natural

It’s been Miss Perky’s and my experience that Life is always looking for ways to deliver our dreams … to brighten our day … or simply to make us smile. I’ve also come to understand that the major thing that always stands between my dreams … and my-dreams-made-manifest-right-before-my-eyes … is me. So … the girls and I have set up regular appointments with The Celestial Clean-up Crew to make sure that our internal “house” is kept clean and clear of any self-sabotaging dust bunnies … fire-breathing fear dragons … and/or Negative Nellies who may have snuck in when we weren’t looking … because we know that: “Every day (Life) opens Its doors to us in countless ways ~we just have to be willing to walk through them.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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