Learning to become so-much-more


We may not always get what we want but Life always delivers what we need to grow.” …Susanne


I think that the Rolling Stones had the right of it way back in the 60’s when they sang: “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need.” It’s a funny thing about life here on good old Planet Earth … it always delivers what we need to either grow ourselves or to help others to grow on our behalf.  It’s not always easy.  It’s very seldom comfortable … but when all is said and done … when all the kicking and screaming is finished … and when our resistances and tantrums have finally exhausted themselves … more times than not what’s left is a silent pause filled with the potential for us to become more.


I’ve certainly had my fair share of pouting and taking a hissy-fit at the Celestial Gates. After the first three major surgeries I was pretty much gunning to kick some angelic shins … but after the whole darn journey settled down and I finally came up for air and looked around … lo and behold … I was on a brand ship … heading for brand new … and calmer … shores.  I must confess that I never would have consciously chosen the aforementioned trip through Medical Crisis Land … but having taken it … I am extremely grateful.


You see my Spirit and Capital “L” Life conspired on my behalf to steer my tiny, little boat through horrendously story seas … knowing full well that when I finally stopped looking like a drowned rat, poured the water out of my boots and dried out I’d be somewhere wonderful … somewhere where I could bask in the potential to become oh-so-much more. Miss Perky has finally forgiven Life for ruining her pretty, pink umbrella, Ms. Sunshine has finally stopped wearing goggles and water-wings … “Just in case” … and me … well I’m doing my best to remember that I walk on sunny shores through the Grace of Life … and that whilst more storms may show up one day … I have the best navigator in the world to steer me to where I need to be.


Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone




About embracingchoice

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