What are you carrying in YOUR backpack?

“If your backpack is chock-a-block full of bad news how are you going to find room for the good stuff? .”  … Susanne

There is no doubt that there’s a ton of negative stuff going on in the world.  It’s pretty obvious that everything is not all sunshine and light in the realm of human interactions.  And … just to complicate matters … we live on a planet that moves and grooves to its own beat … seemingly with its own good and sometimes, very-bad moods … leaving those of us who float around on the surface to cope with ever-changing weather and physical conditions that reflect the aforementioned large-scale mood swings.

The Earth is like a great big Canada’s Wonderland or Disney World.  It’s filled with plenty of fun and laughter … scary moments … exciting times … and the occasional food-binge.  The difference being … of course … that at the end of the day we can walk away and leave the official amusement parks behind … whereas the Planet Earth Theme Park only has one exit … and it’s a biggie.  “So what’s the good news?” you ask.  Wow … the good news is that … right at the beginning of our big adventure here … we were given a Tardis backpack … complete with a few absolute essentials.

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about and thinking to yourself that your backpack must have had a packing error let me reassure you that Capital “L” Life guarantees me that all outgoing adventurers are issued the following items:  1) Unlimited choices, 2) Courage to face down dragons, 3) Insatiable curiosity and 4) A Celestial Cell Phone plan with unlimited anytime minutes.  As we love to chat, chat, chat … Miss Perky and I particularly like the unlimited talking-with-Life package.

It took the girls and I a while to find the goodies and treats that Life had packed for us.  It turns out that all that extra space in the backpack was not there to hold fears, sadness and pain… but was actually intended to store wonderful memories and lessons learned … that way when we went Home we could share aforementioned exciting stories with our friends there.  Capital “L” Life is looking into the Quality Control department as we speak to find out who forgot to put that Instructional Video into all of our travel packs!  So … if you find that your backpack has become heavier than an elephant it’s time to plop down and empty it out.  We’re betting that when you dump out all of the misunderstandings misperceptions … and outright lies … you’ll find that Life’s awesome gifts have been waiting for you all along … and that’s when the fun really begins.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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