Hindsight is only 20-20 if your glasses are clean

The only thing that looking back really gets you is a trip down Memory Lane.” … Susanne

Everybody talks about the “good old days”. In the good old days people were nicer to each other. In the good old days things cost less. In the good old days everything was just … better. You know … it seems to me that when we really take a good long look at those “good old days” … the best thing about them is that they’re over.  Don’t get me wrong … I’m a big believer that those who don’t understand the past are doomed to repeat it. It’s just that most of the people who are so fondly referring to yesterday are doing so not from a position of understanding … but rather … through at least one layer of rose colored glass.

I can look back at a lot of things in my life and wish that they hadn’t happened the way that they did. I can remember conversations that were less-than-wonderful … on both sides … and I can recall with perfect ,rosy clarity the beautiful moments as well. Having sat with all of those memories … and the Celestial Clean-Up Crew … I can tell you with great assurance that there was nothing “good” about those old days and that the only thing that holding onto the “bad” memories did was make a huge mess of my internal landscape whilst the “good” memories floated like clouds in my imperfect sky. So much for the good times.

Having done the sometimes overwhelming work of excavating out the old junk … polishing up the happy stuff … and learning to give the less-than-sterling memories away to the Universal Recycling Centre … I’m a lot happier. Turns out that the rear-view-mirror-vision that I had erroneously thought was 20-20 was actually just the bending of light around the dirt clumps on my glasses. Now that everything is shiny and bright the less-than-great moments have regained their perspective … my understanding of both myself and life has grown … and the sad times have been loved and sent Home for healing.

These days Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I can often be found sitting with Capital “L” Life and laughing and giggling over how serious … and often grumpy … we all looked in the old photo albums. It’s pretty clear to all of us that there wasn’t a lot of understanding taking place back then … but despite that … and despite all of the challenging times and lessons … the journey has still been worth it all. Like all of us … I am a product of the experiences that I’ve had … and the learning that I’ve managed to glean from them … and … I have to agree with Life when It says that all-in-all … we haven’t turned out too bad. Yeah Baby!!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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