You’re the One! ~It’s time to celebrate you.

You are the gift that Life offers to the world. It’s time to jump up out of the box and yell; “Surprise!”… Susanne

Everybody is waiting for someone else to be the Big Gift. Everyone is thinking that the aforementioned “somebody else” is going to be the one who makes everything better … who knows the right answers … or who is the magic pill for whom we’ve all been waiting. We’re looking for a “fast-food” solution to our long-standing problems and we’ve forgotten the most important piece of the puzzle. “What’s that?” you ask. The most important piece of this whole darn thing is that we are the gift we are the answer … and we are the ones whom Life has trusted to enough to send here.

Yes … it’s true that … here in the natural … all-too-often we have an accumulated coating of dust and grime … a whole bunch of buried, messy parts … and some really annoying and yucky, habit-bits . However; the reality is that … underneath all of that … is the awesome and amazing Spirit who danced so beautifully with Capital “L” Life that It asked us if we’d come here to remind everybody else how to Flash-Dance their way back Home. If we stay in Forgetting Land … and all we ever see is the surface of … not only ourselves but everyone else as well … then we’re condemning ourselves … and them … to a lifetime of surface relationships when we are really capable of so much more.

Miss Perky has taught me that all of us who have done the excavation and clean-up work on ourselves are responsible for bringing the party to the party. We’re the ones who finally figured out that we have some pretty awesome Celestial fireworks packed in our backpack … and we’re the ones who have a host of Celestial Caterers trailing along behind us … just waiting for an opportunity to throw a really good bash. Capital “L” Life has committed to sending out invites for the upcoming “You’re the One!” celebration and Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I are planning some Big Surprises for everyone who participates. So ... come and jump on the “You’re the One” bandwagon with us … dance like you mean it … and let’s celebrate … YOU!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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