It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be

“It’s never to late to leave yesterday behind and become who you were meant to be.” … Susanne

We are all a product of the things that we’ve done, thought and felt. And whether our personal history is one that is filled with support and glorious achievements … or whether we suffered under repressive authority figures who couldn’t say an encouraging word if their life depended on it … right here and right now … we have options. No matter how discouraging things may have been … even right up to yesterday … today we have the God-given right to make different choices … to refuse to let the past hold us hostage for even one second longer … and to grab our emotional shovels and dig deep to find the gold that lies at the heart of every single one of us.

I understand that not every person has as vocal a “Miss Perky” as I do. Having taken the safari through Medical Crisis Land … been critically ill … hit lower-than-low points … and got stuck in the “I wonder if things will ever get better” rut … I get it that there are times in life when it would be challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel if it were a ten thousand watt spotlight aimed at our face. However … having taken aforementioned trip and having emerged dusty, wrinkled, and slightly dazed … I also understand that it is how we go through the journey inside of ourselves that determines who we become and where we end up outside of ourselves … in the world.  Thankfully if we look around and don’t like where we are … we can choose to make different choices and think different thoughts Now.

I’m pretty sure that my internal friends … Miss Perky & Sunshine Sue … were always present to a certain degree. I was always bubbly and outgoing … I was just less focused and directed than I am now. In my youth I let my ADHD run me … now I am the one in charge as I utilize the massive energy surges that it produces to accomplish the numerous things that Capital “L” Life keeps plopping onto my path. I’m so glad that It has seemingly infinite patience with me and generously gives all of us unlimited choices. It took me a lot of years … some serious emotional @*!# and a couple of major illnesses … but I think that I’m finally seeing the light at the end of my own, personal tunnel with greater regularity. The girls keep me motivated. Life assures me that I’m not too old to dream … and I am happily becoming Who-I-Came-Here-To-Be. I guess what they say is true … you really are never too old to dream a new dream.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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1 Response to It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be

  1. DawnSeeker says:

    Yes so true! And so nice to be reminded :)) Thank you for the post.

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