Your primary job is to be awesome You.

“You aren’t here to dance to anyone else’s music … march to their drum … or walk their path. You’re here to be You.” Susanne

Mahlala was shot because she sang a different song than the Taliban. A young physiotherapy student was beaten and raped to death in New Delhi because she had the nerve to believe that she should be free to live her dreams. Matthew Sheppard was tied to a fence and beaten to death because his Heart didn’t march to the local homophobes drum. That’s outrageous!! “Why are you telling us about these horrible crimes?” you ask. “What does any of this have to do with me and my life?”

Why indeed? It’s because the outrageous captures  our attention. The outrageous fires up our indignation on behalf of another. And because the outrageous brings to the forefront of our consciousness our fears about following our own dreams … of dancing to our own music … and to marching to our own drum. The bravery and courage of the old-souls-in-young-bodies who walk our world and are subjected to the outrageous reminds and shows us what is worth fighting … and even dying for.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t always been the bravest of people … well at least not on my own behalf. But man-oh-man I have always been a Mama Bear on behalf of my family and friends. What I wouldn’t … or couldn’t … do for myself … I would willingly do for those I loved. These days I’m working on building an emotional backbone of titanium that supports me as much as I support others. .. 🙂  In return Life is teaching me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my version of Its songs … and … Miss Perky is teaching me some nifty, new dance steps.

The outrageous events that take place in the world are forcing me to address my own fears about being visible … and they remind me of the value of being Me 24-7-365. The cost of not following my Heart’s Song is a lifetime of forgetting Life’s dreams for me. The cost of not following my Spirits directions is the inability to stand up and be counted … and to show others how to do the same. I have closed my bank accounts at Fear Mongers Central and Life has set up an account in my name at Its local We-Support-Your-Dreams  Branch. I’m a happy camper. Life’s benefits include free, unlimited Heart-Songs for celebratory dancing … great drums for beating whilst marching along new paths … and Post-It Notes (in the color of my choosing) so that I can leave encouraging messages behind for others on the aforementioned New Paths. “(I’m) not here to dance to anyone else’s music … march to their drum or walk their path. (I’m) here to be Me” ... and so are you … and now it’s time for us to do our jobs.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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