Be true to your Heart ~No-one knows you better.

“Never let what someone else thinks you can do stop you from doing what you actually can.” … Susanne

There are a lot of naysayers in the world.  We seem to have no end of people who all think that they know what everyone else is either capable of doing … or allowed to do … better than the individual themselves.   Between governments ~with their rules on who is eligible for fair treatment …. religious organizations ~with their cast-in-concrete ideas on who is ‘good enough’ to be allowed into Nirvana … and the common man ~who wants everyone else to be sitting in the Common-Pool with them we seem to be seriously sandwiched.  What’s with that?

It’s been my experience that no-one truly knows what is a) best for me and b) what I am capable of but me.  They may all have opinions about what I can do.. and what I should do … but realistically my Heart & I are the final authority. And when I forget about how amazing my Spirit is … thankfully … Capital “L” Life always seems to remember. 

Having not only survived the trek through the Medical Crisis Jungle …but having also made way into thriving… it still surprises me when … instead of celebrating … the doctors hold a consistent “We’re just going to wait & see” approach.  Fortunately Miss Perky knows how to sing the “I-Can’t-Hear-You” song,  Ms. Sunshine owns numerous pairs of Rose-Colored glasses … and Life simply smiles and reassures me that my Heart combined with Its Heart is unstoppable and that no other person’s thoughts or opinions trump what we can actually do.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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