What’s passed is past. Now it’s time to be you.

You are an awesome soul who came here… not to be dragged down into the mud by those who don’t understand … but rather to uplift all whom you meet.” ... Susanne

It’s easy to understand why … in a world seemingly gone mad … and no matter what age we may be … why our inner little-ones are always on the lookout for a loving mommy and/or daddy who will take care of us in the way that we know that a child should be cared for.  I can’t begin to tell you how often … in challenging times … my own wounded, inner child has leapt to the surface and cried out: “But I just want someone to take care of me. I just want someone to love me.”              

Before we got here I imagine that we spent many long Celestial afternoons beneath one of Life’s jumbo-sized trees excitedly discussing all of the amazing things that we would do when we met our new families and all of the wonderful ways in which we would help them… and they us. Well … we got here and the shock of what our new families were like was so intense that we forgot that we chose these families because a) they would give us the greatest opportunities to grow and become an exemplification of both Capital “L” Life and our own beautiful souls, and b) these were the self-same souls whom we felt we could assist in overcoming their pain and wounds.

Life here definitely wasn’t perfect. Our little-people minds couldn’t comprehend the violence, the uncertainty and the ensuing fear. As we traveled through this often scary world we forgot even more deeply the conversations we had under Life’s jumbo trees and came to believe that perhaps Capital “L” Life had somehow betrayed us.   We begin to ask why It did not give us a safer haven in which to grow … a more loving environment in which to be nurtured … and a more supportive family who would recognize our awesome souls and uplift us in our walk through life. The betrayal that began in our childhood by parents who were too wounded to care for either themselves OR us … expanded into our sense of Life’s betrayal and finally became a Pattern-of-Betrayal … and for many people … it continues in our relationships even now.

I have learned … through many years … much water under my bridge and many tough challenges that patterns are like a tsunami that gains strength with every passing moment until they are either dissipated (by healing our sad, inner little-one) or destroy everything in their path. Fortunately Miss Perky’s smile …. Ms. Sunshine’s Rosy Glasses … and Life’s awesome hugs remind me regularly that what has passed is past and what is done is done. And most importantly that Now… THIS Now is always the perfect time to heal … to ask Life to provide me with the best facilitators for that healing … and to allow myself to let the aforementioned healing in.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone.



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