Create the tomorrow of your dreams

“Never let the past stand in the way of creating a really good future.” … Susanne

With so many people looking backwards all time … dredging up what “he” or “she” said or did and/or taking offence at what current people are doing or saying … the world is just falling down cranky.  I see this everywhere … from individuals whose  relationships have stopped working (if they ever did) … to people whose jobs are oppressive and disrespectful  … all the way up to governments who are so quick to declare that today’s behaviours must be met with a out-of-proportion response owing to yesterdays perceived or real injustices.  You know if my two-year old behaved this way I’d plop him in the corner for a little time-out to think about his behaviour. 

I see so many people who might as well own a time machine … not so that they can go back and fix things … but to make it easier to keep dragging bits and pieces of the past into their current lives.  Don’t we all know people who talk about the past incessantly … and their rationalization is always: “But terrible things were done/said to me!”  O.K. … I get that … but does running things over and over in their minds make their lives better today?  I would have to say: “No.  I don’t think that it does”.  It seems to me that … sadly … rather than change many people not only want to re-live the past … but they want us to live it with them. 

I have learned that the only thing that looking back and constantly resurrecting the sad and sorry times of the past does is create more miserable stuff to be sad and sorry about today.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a country justifying their violence with accounts of real or imagined atrocities … or my attitude towards my ex-lover … if I focus on the bad stuff … I will never move past it because I am never laying that past to rest … I’m simply beating it like the proverbial dead horse.  I have had my share of sorrow … pain … and loss of innocence … but I am stronger now … and I refuse to allow yesterday and it’s nasty and/or grumpy minions to hold sway over my present for even a second longer.  My future is mine to create and I am determined to create a joyful one.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone


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