The days of believing that someone else knows better are over.

Inside of you there is a wellspring of Knowledge. It is your birthright to seize it, your duty to acknowledge it and your joy to dance to it.” Susanne

It seems unfortunate to me that so many people have seemingly forgotten that inside of every one of them is a special, unique and totally worthy being. Like everyone I can’t miss the shenanigan’s of many of the world’s nations and leaders as they goose-step across … both their own … and other countries landscapes … crushing any and all opposition to their “We are the only ones who are right” “campaign of propaganda and control. How did so many people become so insecure that they would rather kill anyone who thinks differently than they do than recognize that everyone has worth?

Somewhere between “here” and “there” … with “here” being good old Planet Earth and “there” being a comfy park bench under one of Capital “L” Life”s jumbo-sized trees … the majority of people seem to have come to believe a series of lies about themselves. Oh nobody comes right out and tells us that they’re lying to us … they simply talk really persuasively … send us on guilt trips if we don’t agree … and do their best to persuade us that what our Heart knows to be Truth is wrong/misguided/dangerous or … (insert word here). If we’re determined enough to actually ignore their “advice” … then they roll out The Big Guns … either physically … or … metaphorically.

Well ... I’m here as  Life’s noisy Town Crier to tell you that the days of believing that someone else knows “better than” … accepting that control is an acceptable form of persuasion … and/or turning the other cheek so far that we’re not even facing forward anymore … are done!  It must be very scary for the controllers to know that their days are numbered. It must be kind of overwhelming for the hiders-in-shadows to realize that Life’s sunshine is now focused on their dark little corners. But make no mistake … Celestial notice has been given. Miss Perky has sewn up pretty, celebratory banners … and Ms. Sunshine has designed and ordered Clear-Sight Eye-wear for everyone. Inside of each of us is a wellspring of Knowledge. It is our birthright to seize it. It is our duty to acknowledge it … and it is our Joy to dance to it.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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