You are here to shine & it’s time

You didn’t come here to make do, settle for or to be “good enough”. You came to shine & it’s time!” … Susanne

There are lots of insecure people in the world … all of whom would like to feel better about themselves … many of whom have learned the “I’ll feel bigger when I make you feel smaller” approach to coping … and very few of whom are actually willing to put the time and effort required into truly hitting that next “feeling better” plateau. But does the fact that these people are unwilling or unable to change mean that the rest of us have to feel badly about ourselves? My answer is “Absolutely NOT!!”

I think we’ve all met these walking wounded. They’re the ones who … at a personal level … are always really quick to put you in your place by telling you that if there is a problem … well then obviously you need to work on … you got it … you. They’re also the ones who … given a modicum of power … tend to try to beat down all opposition to their opinions by bombing, imprisoning, murdering or generally suppressing “the opposition” … so that they can feel better about themselves. Wow … how exactly does that one work?

The girls & I have had quite a few, long chats with Capital “L” Life regards other-people’s-opinions and being “good enough”. Life always smiles, holds up one of Its jumbo-sized Celestial mirrors and points out to us how bright & shiny we are … followed immediately by a group hug and many reassurances that who-we-are is always good enough. So … according to Life It sent us here to be our perky and sunny selves so that other people could remember how bright and shiny they are on the inside as well. It thinks we provide a nice counterpoint to the Grumpy Geraldine’s and Insecure Ian’s of the world … and we agree. So remember … “You didn’t come here to make do, settle for or to be “good enough”. You came here to shine … and it’s time!”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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