Did you get the Memo on Creating your Dreams?

“How can you expect Life to deliver your dreams if you’re not even sure what they are!??!” Susanne

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people have been complaining bitterly that Capital “L” Life hasn’t had their local CPDS branch (Celestial Parcel Delivery Service) deliver their dreams to their door yet. I get that. I’m still waiting on a few dreams to show up myself … and all I can say is “Thank God for Celestial tracking numbers!” With all of the complaints about lost … misplaced … or never received dreams it’s a wonder that Life hasn’t turned off Its mobile phone already.

We have a really short view down here … a few decades at most. Life on the other hand sees forever … It being Celestial and all. I think it’s great that at least one of us knows what’s going on. Having said that, my most common submission to the CPDS Complaint Department is that, whilst the long view may give Life lots of advantages, reassurances and understanding … we … the little people … would all be a lot happier with a wee bit more frequent … and clear... communication. Mystical portents and ambiguous signs are all well and good but a couple of big, pink road-signs wouldn’t go amiss! So far the only response has been bigger signs and a copy of their submission guidelines. :/

Fortunately Miss Perky has a way of banging on doors … especially when her special dreams are late arriving … that has convinced Capital “L” Life to send us a memo with a few pointers … a copy of which follows …

Create your dreams Memo from LifeSo … it looks like the girls and I will be sitting down this evening with a pen and paper … or a crayon and paper … or the iPad … making our Wish List … sending it off to Life by Express Post … and being grateful that our dreams are definitely on the way!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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