Letting in The Beloved

Everyone is looking outside for love … longing for their Soul Mate to complete them … not understanding that completion has to happen inside of us first before it can be reflected back in the form of The Beloved.” Susanne

Ideally … as young children … we knew what it was to be loved. We experienced on a day-to-day basis what a supportive & nurturing love-relationship looked like. Perhaps we saw our parents interacting in a loving manner. Perhaps it was their treatment of us that demonstrated what love looked like. … Unfortunately way too many people grew up in less-than-ideal circumstances … their parents fought or maintained a stony silence … love was doled out on an if-you’re-good-enough basis … and sometimes love looked downright dangerous and violent. What a mess!

Whether we fall into the first category (loving home) or the second (not-so-great environment) … as adults … most of us are still “looking for love” … and absolutely thrilled and terrified in equal measure when it finds us. The depth of love that can be present between a couple can indeed be very scary. When we’re ambling through life … doing well ~or at least O.K. financially …. and everybody pretty much likes us as we are … it’s a little overwhelming to be thrown off of the Dock of Normality into the deep water of a Soul Relationship. Those waters are mysterious … full of hidden potential … and the unknown … and it’s been my experience that most of us aren’t well-equipped to deal with “unknowns” … especially those of the Love-Variety.

The unknown raises our fears of “drowning” in another … of losing ourselves … right after we worked so hard to make our lifeboats nice & safe
without a significant other. Most of us do understand that our boats would be an even happier place with a loving partner in them … however ... the process of having him or her climb in from those aforementioned depths can rock our boats so severely that we’re afraid that they will capsize … or that the other will swim away when they see who’s really in the boat … or that our destination will be usurped & we will end up following their course through the Ocean of Life rather than our own.

Scary business … this Love-thing … and finding completion through a Soul Mate … well … let’s just say that,
that particular endeavour is one of the biggest, scariest, most exciting rides that Capital “L” Life built into this Earth sized fairground. I learned with my kids that the key to a successful day at the Theme Park was to have done my preparation before we got there. Miss Perky & I have decided that letting love in is the same kind of adventure. We need to do our best to 1) stay open to Life … 2) be patient with the process involved in getting “there” … and finally … 3) be so willing to be in alignment with Who-We-Really-Are that there is no other way to be except abundant, loved, happy & flowing: then our inner-happy will shine outward into the world and be reflected back as The Beloved.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone


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