Learning what “help” means

Before you can make everything O.K. for someone else you have to find ways to heal your own heart: only then can you pause long enough to hear a compassionate solution.” Susanne

Like a lot of people I’ve always been one to ask “What Can I Do to Help?” I’ve found it challenging to safely march my Compassionate Heart around in a world filled with turmoil and chaos. So … after all of these years of asking & complaining it seems that Capital “L” Life finally decided to take Miss Polly & I in hand and guide us through the Land of Learning and out the other side into The Realm of Understanding.

Life’s Open-Heart lessons began this week with a large pile of bad news in my headline dump … continued with my inability to rescue a terrified animal on the highway … and concluded with me walking out into my garden and finding a mauled baby bird … still alive. “Oh Crap.”  I loudly exclaimed. “What can I do to help?” “Nothing”’ said the brain. “We have to do SOMETHING.” wailed Miss Perky … SIGH. So we gently placed the aforementioned bird in the middle of our jumbo lavender plant where it would be hidden and went for a long walk with Capital “L” Life.

Somewhere in the beauty of that walk … beside the quiet lake … surrounded by contented ducks … and hugged by Life we came to some inner resolution around the fact that a) form is transitory, b) it hurts like the dickens when it crumbles, c) running around like a crazy person trying to “”help” doesn’t, d) we’re far more than simply a form, e) as my late, but great aunt used to say: “The Soul-Spark moves on to a new address when it’s done here.”, and e) when we’re able to sit quietly with Life THAT’S when we do the most good. So … we’re off into the world again to try out our new-found wisdom. Miss Perky still has ice cream cones ready to hand out & I still have trepidation … but Life’s jumbo-sized hugs let us know that It has our backs … and our Hearts … so I think that maybe this time we’ll be O.K.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone



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2 Responses to Learning what “help” means

  1. lionfou says:

    Great, Susanne.

    I once had to e-mail personalized rejection notices to 100 filmmakers on six continents, saying they wouldn’t be in our festival.

    One at a time, making VERY sure I didn’t misspell their name or their film, and add insult to injury.

    Whew! Was that a primal experience. Brought up MY rejection stuff–and then I realized that it’s just part of life. I’ve gotten all kinds of gifts out of my many rejections, on both sides.

    And so with pain, death and loss. Just a scene in the movie. It’s how we hold it that matters.

    • lionfou says:

      And as you hinted, the more complete we are with our own pain, the more appropriate we are with the pain of others–not just a “knee-jerk do-gooder”, but a real responder.

      In Buddhism, the “lesser vehicle” (yourself) and then the “greater vehicle”–the world.

      Those wide-open hearts like yours, find a way to “be with” it all, and then come from a deeper place than trying to “fix” what is already perfect.

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