On the lookout for & co-creating dreams-come-true

Blessings come in both small and large packages … you just have to keep your eyes and Heart open to see them.” ... Susanne

Life doesn’t always seem fair. It doesn’t always deliver what we want … exactly when … or in the way that we want it. Sometimes life … and Life … can seem downright unfair … but I’ve learned that it’s exactly at those moments that I need to hunker down … get Miss Polly to take a deep breath … put on a pair of Ms. Sunshine’s Hopeful-Glasses … and trust.

I don’t mean to imply that when things are dark and dismal that all I do is oh-m-m-m-m my way through the day. Heck no!  Miss Polly and I are way too Type A for that. What we have figured out though is that when dreams-come-true seem to be hanging out on a distant plane … waiting for God-knows-what-circumstances-to-be-perfect … that that’s the perfect time to employ one of my mom’s old sayings: “God helps those who help themselves.”

When I was traveling through Medical Crisis Land the doctors had their responsibilities and I had mine … mine being to find ways to remain upbeat. When physiotherapy was a daily thing the girls in the clinic had their job to do and… again … I had mine. At each stage of the trip the ultimate outcome would have been greatly lessened if only one of us had actively participated. I figure that it’s the same with Capital “L” Life and the delivery of my dreams.

Life can make as many plans for the delivery of the aforementioned dreams as It wants to … but if I just sit on my sofa and don’t do my part then nothing is going to happen. The way I see it the girls and I need to a) get clear about what we want and b) enthusiastically prepare the fields of our lives so that Life can plant Its jumbo-sized dream seeds and have them grow.  So … having said that … it’s time for Miss P, Ms. S and I to have another brainstorming session.  On today’s agenda … “What does the successful launch of our new book look and feel like?” … Ooh … I think this one’s going to be fun!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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