It’s time to create Your Own story.

Who you are is definitely ”good enough”. Any idea to the contrary is simply someone else’s opinion or story that got lodged in your brain. It’s time to boot those out!” … Susanne

In a thousand countries … in ten thousand cities … in a million offices and homes … there is a terrible injustice taking place. It’s so common that no-one even notices anymore. It’s on our streets … in our schools … and it affects men, women and children equally. Do you know this thing? Are you experiencing it right now? I bet you are. How do I know that? It’s because I experienced it too. I … like everybody else … am a survivor of Other-People’s-Opinions-&-Stories.

As a child the first teachers we have who show us how to act are our parents. They learned how to act by watching their parental role models … as did their parents and their parents before them. If you look carefully you’ll be able to see the same stories and hear the same lines … for generations back. Each successive generation knows no other way to behave … knows no other stories to tell ... and knows no other opinion but the standard family line. Wow! …

I have discovered that as long as I’m mired in the muck of somebody else’s “Shoulds”  and stories I don’t make much forward progress. It’s only when I call in the CAA (Celestial Aid Association) and have them haul my poor little car and I out of the aforementioned muck … clean off my emotional windshield … and take myself through Capital “L” Life’s Restore-Me-to-Factory-Specs car-wash that things start to really take off.

So … there’s now a new doorman at the entrance to my internal library & effective immediately the only storybooks that I’m going to allow in are the beautiful ones that Life has given to me. You know the ones I mean . They’re the ones that are full of pictures of bright tomorrows … say how much It enjoys Miss Perky’s sense of humor and Ms. Sunshine’s eclectic fashion sense … and how loved and lovable we are. Now that the The Celestial Clean-up Crew, the girls and I have cleared out all of everyone else’s stories there’s lots of room for the good stuff. It looks like the local garbage man is going to be a busy guy this week.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying everyone.


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