Balancing today and tomorrow

“Everyone is so busy focusing on where they’re going that they’ve forgotten to watch for the joy that can be present during the actual journey.” … Susanne

It’s recently come to my attention that we’re all laboring under a misconception. We’ve been fed a line and as far as I can see we’ve swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I’m not sure who started the story or when but it seems to be pretty all-pervasive now. It’s in our literature … our philosophies/religions … and is a part of most societies mainstream culture. “What is this story?” you ask. It’s the “Waiting” story.

Way back in 1948 Samuel Beckett wrote a play called “Waiting for Godot” … the summary being that two men spend their time waiting for a set of circumstances that never arrive … namely the arrival of Godot. Consequently they miss out on actually LIVING their lives. For me it’s come to represent the tendency to which so many fall prey … missing out on today in favor of waiting for a tomorrow that may never come.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a big believer in goal setting … being clear & focused … and holding a strong co-creative intention with Capital “L” Life. But I’ve also learned the value of appreciating and living in each moment on the way to those aforementioned goals. So … I have to ask myself: “What’s the answer?” … and I’m forced to recognize that … as with most things in life … it’s probably Balance.

Living with Miss Perky is a mixed blessing when it comes to the “balance” thing. She’s so over-the-top excited about all of the possibilities that Life has in store that she’s usually positively vibrating with excitement. On the flip side … when she’s present … she’s very, very present … and again with the happy-dance/vibrating thing. Life just smiles and says that we’re doing just fine … and to simply keep on, keeping on. So … the girls and I are off to intend some amazing dreams-come-true whilst simultaneously celebrating all of the great things that Life has already delivered. Time to party on …

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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