Cherish every Now

“What would happen if we appreciated every moment for the beauty that it holds and didn’t wait until life gave us a kick to do that?” … Susanne

I often wonder why it is that so many of us seem to need a kick in the posterior before we get the message about how precious life is. When we hear bad news … whether it be some big global tragedy or something closer to home … we immediately get it and leap into action. We’re kinder, more spontaneously interactive and we allow our naturally generous and compassionate hearts to reign. Why are we so hesitant to live the rest of our lives that way?

I’m an avid people watcher. During my years of observing I’ve noticed something interesting … that being … that even though we ask and ask for a better life … more money … or the love of said life to appear … when the good stuff finally does show up … more often than not we run in the opposite direction. Why is that do you think?

Miss Perky says that she thinks it’s because people are afraid that if they leap up and do a happy dance that they’ll look foolish if things don’t work out. She may be right … but even more I think that it’s because the cost of the feared hurt outweighs the imagined benefit of receiving what we’ve been asking for. My mom would have said: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” H-m-m-m-m

SO … here’s what the girls & I have decided to do. Having noticed that Capital “L” Life takes pretty darn good care of us … and having agreed that we haven’t seen It renege on any of It’s promises to us yet … Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I have collectively agreed that we’re going to 1) dream our dreams, 2) make our plans, 3) share aforementioned dreams and plans with Life and 4) enjoy the heck out of every Now that we are blessed to have. After all … dreams are great and dreams-come-true are even better … but nothing beats seeing the beauty in every day and being present enough to appreciate and enjoy it.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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