The choice is yours

“Stuff happens in life and you can either choose to continue working on creating your dreams or living a life that doesn’t make you happy. The choice … as with everything is yours.”  …  Susanne

Life happens … That’s just a part of being here on good old Planet Earth. We … or people we love … get ill … money challenges happen … relationships fall apart … or things in general just become hard to understand. So what we are supposed to do about all of that?

H-m-m-m-m … Nations go to war over slights and insults. Lovers go to counseling. Religions advocate petitioning a higher power.  Artists write and/or paint … and philosophers muse. So where does that leave you and me? I have noticed that … having already been wounded in their childhood … many people choose none of the above options. Instead they practice the fine art of Complaining.

It’s not the complaining itself that bothers me as much as it’s the lack of forward motion that always accompanies it. When my kids would get on a tear about something my first question was: “Do you actually want to do anything about this or you simply venting?” The way I figured it was that if they were actually looking to change the situation then we could work out some possible solutions … otherwise I was just a sympathetic ear.

If the girls and I learned nothing else during our trek through Medical Crisis Land we learned that how we felt each day was 100% up to us. Like a lot of people we couldn’t always do a lot about our outside circumstances … so we simply did the best that we could to improve our internal world. We created sparks of happiness wherever and whenever we could until eventually seeking and creating a happy environment became our natural way to be. So … maybe that’s the answer … more focus on seeking happiness and less complaining … or as the internet would say … “More Gratitude and less Attitude.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying


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