Tuning out the Brain-Noise

“Every day is a blessing to those who filter life through the eyes and ears of their Heart.” … Susanne

I’ve learned from watching the BBC headlines and the news that there are many ways to look at the changing circumstances of the world. And life has taught me that it doesn’t ultimately matter whether the scale of the changes are of a personal nature or whether they’re global in nature … what really matters is how much Heart-filter we use to see and hear and how much Brain-Noise we’re willing to tolerate.

Brain-Noise is hard to avoid. It seems that we’re born with the volume button for that one in the full-on position. Maybe that’s because we really do need to sponge everything up when we’re wee so that we can learn the fundamentals of getting by in the world. Whatever the reason is before you know it we’ve hit school … where independent thought is mostly frowned upon … and the amount of noise takes a quantum leap. How are we supposed to get past all of this conditioning and hear our Heart instead?

Well the good news is that even though it seems like our Brain-Noise Lever was locked in the “On” position at birth … it actually does have an “Off” position as well. The Celestial Shipping and Handling Dept. dropped the ball and forgot to send our Owner’s Manuals but apparently that little oversight is in the process of being rectified … and they’re in the Celestial Snail Mail as we speak.

In the meantime … Capital “L” Life has a couple of ideas. It suggests that we spend a little less time constantly re-tuning our ears to The News … and take a couple of “time-outs” each day during which we can crank up the volume of our Heart’s Voice. It says that as It actually did design us to be able to easefully tune into radio station L.I.F.E. it’s simply a matter of readjusting our inner antenna and we’ll be all set. Keep checking your Heart’s mailbox as rumor has it that  “Appendix A” of the aforementioned Owner’s Manual is coming and I hear it has some great tips on fine-tuning your Heart for Joy.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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