Healing our frightened mind

“Our Hearts always know the answer but our frightened minds get in the way of hearing it.” … Susanne

I don’t know about you but there are days when it feels like there is an entire symphony playing in my head. Some days the percussion section just won’t stop pounding. Other days the trumpets are blaring, the banjos are plunking and the string section is playing so hard that it looks like they’re going to set those little instruments on fire. … and then the choir starts up … Yikes!

Now maybe you wouldn’t describe your internally challenging moments quite that way … but that aside … do you ever have one of those days? Do you ever have moments when you just wish that the world would stop all the noise and foolishness for a few minutes so that we could all just take a big breath in, clear our thoughts and relax?  Yeah … me too.

This week the girls and I decided to have a wee chat with Capital “L” Life about this challenge whilst simultaneously registering an official complaint about the noise level down here. When Miss Polly was finished reading our long list of “Noise-Grievances” Life had a few suggestions that It thought might help:

1) Understand that the mind creates noise when it’s afraid.
2) It thinks that if it makes a lot of really loud noise that it will appear scarier and be safer.
3) You can always tell when it’s your mind talking because it’s pushy and will try to force you to agree with its opinions.
4) On the other hand the Heart is like a quiet, supportive friend.
5) The Heart doesn’t try to force its wisdom on anybody … it simply states its case and gives you a quiet space in which to think about things.  (That sounds good.  Did Life say “quiet” space!??!)

So … what are we going to do about our scardy-cat minds?  Well the Girls and I have decided that every time our mind starts throwing a tantrum that we’re going to give it a BIG hug … then it won’t have to feel so afraid anymore. Right after that we’re going to crank up the volume of our Heart-Song … invite our mind to party … and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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1 Response to Healing our frightened mind

  1. Monika says:

    Thank-You! Perfect thought for me today!

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