Learning to live with No Regrets

“At the end of the day … when all is said and done … it’s the things that we didn’t do that we’ll regret more than any of the things that we did.” … Susanne

Hindsight is always 20-20. We can always pinpoint with remarkable accuracy the things that we did wrong. In retrospect it’s easy to know what should never have been said … where we shouldn’t have walked … and/or the people whom we should not have hurt/annoyed/or just generally upset. I think that Ms. Sunshine needs to invent some “Clear-Sight-in-the-Present-Moment” eye-wear so that we’re more aware of Now rather than waiting for some future epiphany.

I understand that our parents probably didn’t know how to live any other way than allowing their triggers and biases to run their lives … but in this day and age we … as the supposedly well-educated and aware generation …  can choose to live differently. Is it always easy? No, it’s not … but the rewards of striving for and of living a trigger-free life are definitely worth it.

I’ve noticed that as I cleaned up my previously messy, interior landscape it’s become a lot easier to attract an outside world that matches the aforementioned cleaner state. Coupled with my decision to reach the end of this life … whenever that may be … with as few regrets as possible … life … and my attitudes … have definitely taken an upwards turn..

There’s not much that I can do to change the yesterdays of which I’m not so proud. But what I can do … and what I am doing … is to do my best to treat everyone as fairly as possible … to live my life in a way that I think will make Capital “L” Life smile … and to share “the girls” and their chipper approaches to life with all and sundry.  So far … so good. 🙂

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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