It’s time to be free!

“No matter how self-focused your gaze may be Life never stops holding the expectation that some day you will awaken and be free.” … Susanne

Every day the news shows us perfect examples of what a self-focused life looks like. We can see the ramifications of this rampant self-focus through the active demise of fair and equitable treatment regards the citizens of far too many countries … including many of the so-called “modern” ones. We can watch as the slow march of terror, control and self-indulgent philosophies change the lives of literally millions of innocents who either haven’t found … or who are too young to have … the ability to say “No”.

I must admit that watching the shenanigans of both local and global Self-Focusers sometimes drives me crazy. I understand that everyone is on their own path … and further … that Capital “L” Life has given us all the unalienable right to self-determine … but really … all this focus on “My-needs-are-more-important-your-needs” approach to life is becoming a bit hard to take.

Miss Perky has a tendency to sigh … a lot … before throwing herself down in an impressive display of temper and frustration. “I do understand Polly.” Fortunately Life is pretty indulgent of our idiosyncrasies … and of everybody else’s for that matter. It has spent many long hours patiently teaching the girls and I about the differences between Self-Determination vs. Self-Indulgence.

So … today the girls and I are tripping the light fantastic down at the hospital. Being here reminds us that life is way too precious to spend time not being … and doing … the best that we can every day. It also reminds us that if we haven’t left Judgment Lane behind and made the leap onto Freedom-to-Be-Me Avenue then we are spinning our wheels and digging a deeper rut for ourselves. As there are more than enough of people already doing that in the world … the girls and I figure we’ll simply dance on and hope that others join in. “Conga line …”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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