Returning to greatness

“Very few people are born “great”. We become great by overcoming
challenges … beating the odds … and by finding and reclaiming our beautiful Hearts.” … Susanne

If you’re reading this then it’s a good bet that you’re probably doing that by way of a computer … situated somewhere on good, old Planet Earth. “Well duh!” you may be thinking … but is it really so surprising that I should be reminding you of this?  I find that some of the simplest of things are all-too-often overlooked or downplayed … whilst the wildest, most improbable or simply untrue are heralded as gospel.

Let’s start with the myth that some people are just born “great”. What absolute balderdash! I’m willing to concede that some people may be born with a huge amount of innate talent … live in circumstances that provide oodles more opportunities to succeed … or be guided to all the right paths to live a more potentially uplifting life. But you know what? For every one of those people there are 100 more souls who are just as important a piece in Life’s jumbo sized puzzle … but who are taking the long road Home.

It isn’t only a privileged few who are destined for greatness. Look at Malala – a poor girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban & now advocates for children’s educational rights and the 23-year-old Indian physiotherapist who died after being gang-raped & beaten – and whose tragic death has brought awareness to a country lost in misconceptions.

History is littered with examples of ordinary people performing extraordinary feats … overcoming almost overwhelming odds … and/or bringing about societal change through the simple acts of living a life filled with courage, compassion and faith. So you see … I believe that we aren’t necessarily born “great”. But that we can uncover our greatness in our willingness to forge ahead … look within and heal … overcome often horrendous challenges and then share the one truly great thing that ALL of us came here with … our awesome and beautiful Hearts.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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