Starting Over – The best and worst of times

“I never said that starting over would be easy … I just said that it would be worth it.” … Capital “L” Life

Everybody has a story. There are stories of tragedy and triumph … of love and happily-ever-after … and of really hard times and wondering how the heck you’re supposed to pick up all the pieces and carry on. Yes, everybody has a story …so the question is: “What are you going to do about yours?”

Having a story is like owning your own personal lending library. The upside is that you get to re-read the same chapter or entire book as often as you’d like … and you never have to worry about late charges. The downside is that long after your book has become dog-eared … the ink has begun to fade … and your book would be HUGELY overdue in the public library system … you’re still holding on to the same-old, same-old copy and thinking that there aren’t any other books available.

I understand about stories. I spent five years in Medical Crisis Land … and OMG the stories that I could tell … and did. And you know what I discovered? You can a get lot of mileage and sympathy out that stuff. You know what else I learned? Hanging on to the same old stories is like an addiction.  It’s really easy to get stuck there.  But when push comes to shove … if you’re not willing to learn new stories … you won’t be able to create any!

It was challenging to donate my old stories to The Celestial Library – Used Book Section. They got such good results. I wondered how I’d get by without them. But eventually Miss Polly got tired of tripping over them and took a screaming-meanie fit … so I gave them all away … entered Story-Withdrawal counseling … and am now happily engaged in creating a new life. Capital “L” life just smiles.  As It’s famous for saying: “I never promised starting over would be easy … I just promised that it would be worth it.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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